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How Tochka Rosta managed to build a business on the product tests


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Tochka Rosta is a full service (for domestic clients) and field&tab company (for international research agencies) research company with main focus in consumer testing.

Types of Research:


  1. LT Central Location testing
  2. iHUT In-home isage testing
  3. Combinations of both methods


  1. Consumer Behavior and U&A Studies
  2. Advertising and media testing
  3. Concept testing
  4. Price studies
  5. Shelf simulations

Staff qualifications

We know that providing the best client service starts with a simple concept - assemble a team of experts whose background best matches the needs of the study. An excellent team of researchers are dedicated to the success of each project. We can promise that our employees will do "whatever it takes" every day to help you meet your goals.

Every staff member of Tochka Rosta  holds a degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Market Research Methodology. A number of employees hold advanced degrees and several have been published in prominent scientific and business periodicals. In order to ensure the continuing excellence of our staff we conduct regular internal training seminars. The expertise of our employees has been noted in such periodicals, as: “Svoy Biznes” (Own Business), “Vedomosti”, “Kosmeticheski rynok segodnya” (Cosmetics Market Today), “RBC-Daily”, “Litsa Biznesa” (Business Faces), “MarketingPro”, “Reklamodatel” (Advertiser) and several others. Throughout 2004-2005, various members of the Tochka Rosta staff spoke at high-level business conferences in the area of marketing, including InterDrink (Expo-Centre), V International Forum “Drinks Industry” (Crocus-Expo), and the All-Russian Industrial Forum (All-Russia Exhibition Centre). Employees of the agency are regularly invited to speak at conferences on the subjects of marketing and branding.

Field Work QA

The agency exercises very strict control over all stages of field work. Field QA is maintained by the following methods:

  1. Pilot survey of the agreed number of respondents
  2. Systematic sample telephone survey check (20-30%)
  3. Geographical control in accordance with the address program of field managers
  4. Use of hidden screening questions in surveys
  5. Statistical analysis of respondents’ answers while processing results
  6. Mystery-respondent: control through the involvement of “employee-imitators”
  7. High quality selection, hiring, training and instruction of our interviewers
  8. A systematic approach to project management: field managers and interviewers act in full compliance with their job descriptions.

They prepare the market overview for each project. Furthermore, we have implemented a system of fines and bonuses to encourage and ensure employee compliance.

Research Results Presentation Format:

Quantitative Research: results are presented to the Client in the form of an analytical report (30-150 pages), containing charts, tables, diagrams, comments, summaries, recommendations, appendices and statistical data.

Qualitative Research: research results are presented to the Client in the form of an analytical report (90-150 pages), containing tables, textual data, comments, summaries, audio/video recoding transcripts and audio/video media.

Media: all research is presented to the Client in the form of 3 printed copies and 1 e-copy (D or DVD format).


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